Auckland Sleep – a holistic approach to treatment

Sleep is one of the most important things we do. Sleep determines your energy levels, focus, and mental state. After just one night of poor sleep, you may feel fatigued and irritability. These feelings become greater as sleep problems persist.

At Auckland Sleep we understand the frustration and anxiety of poor sleep can cause. Sufferers of sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, chronic insomnia, or restless legs syndrome often suffer in silence, believing medical intervention will be of little help. Those who do seek help may feel confused and disheartened by a lack of clear direction and eventually self-identify as “just a poor sleeper”.

Auckland Sleep offers a holistic approach which looks at many different factors that may impede sleep.  Our multidisciplinary team are able to provide technology, care and advice.  Our aim is to identify why sleep is poor and to guide you toward an effective treatment plan, with the goal of improved sleep.

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A stepwise approach to sleep disorder treatment

1. Referral – your GP can refer you to us or you can refer yourself.

2. Self-Assessment – take your first steps to better sleep health with our intuitive sleep self-assessment.

3. Results & Education – based on your self-assessment results, we will direct you to a robust set of informational resources within our website.

4. Pre-Clinical Sleep Evaluation – the next step is a pre-clinical sleep evaluation with our Sleep Navigators, which builds an extensive and holistic portrait of your sleep related problems. We would love to see you in person at our sleep clinic or in a video consult.

5. Sleep Navigation Action Plan – from the pre-clinical sleep evaluation, Auckland Sleep creates a Sleep Navigation Action Plan. This incorporates everyday lifestyle measures as well as clinical tests and treatment options through a multi-disciplinary team of sleep experts.

6. Specialist Sleep Consults – Clinical tests and treatments outlined in the Navigation Plan are organised with various members of a multi-disciplinary team of providers.

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Ongoing support from your dedicated sleep team

Auckland Sleep has assembled a diverse team of sleep specialists. Working as a unit, we meet regularly and share information to formulate the best possible treatments for our patients.

For each client, we undertake a comprehensive sleep evaluation at our sleep clinic, which identifies sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea and PLMD. Then our team develops a treatment plan suited to the specific needs of each individual. Throughout treatment, we provide regular check-ups and ongoing sleep support.

Auckland Sleep will give you all the tools you need to rediscover a restful night’s sleep. It may not always be smooth sailing, but our team will stick with you, giving solutions and guidance to help you rest easy.

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